Missions -  "Go into all the world..."

We believe it's our job to share the Good News of Jesus and we activly support mission works in:

COSTA RICA- Sponsor Ricardo Salas Mata, and in addition to providing support, Eastern Hills sends a team each year to work alongside the church and their community.  Ricardo and his wife, Claudia work diligently in the community to serve the people and teach God's Word.

GUELPH, CANADA- We are the sponsoring congregation for Johnathan and Amarylis Ledbetter. Amarylis  grew up here at Eastern Hills and met Johnathan while she was preparing for mission work.  Johnathan comes from a family of missionaries and has a heart for God's work.  We feel that he and Amarylis make a great team.  They will be working with a team in Canada. Click HERE for the latest Ledbetter Newsletter from Summer 2017.

EEM - Eastern European Missions - "The Bible - We want everyone to get it!"
EEM works to get the Bible to men, women and children throughout Eastern Europe.  It is translated in more than 20 languages to nations of the former Communist Bloc. Sharing God’s Word, educating and inspiring people everywhere.  Schools use it to teach English and are asking for more each year.

MISSION ALIVE - Mission Alive is in partnership with churches and church plantings across North America.  The Ministry tasks:  Discover and Equip Church Planters,Provide Church-Planter Care, Partner with Churches to Plant Churches.    God has gifted leaders of Mission Alive to connect with churches who desire spiritual renewal and creative outreach to their communities. Churches experience amazing spiritual renewal as they participate with Mission Alive in the joys and struggles of planting churches. They rejoice to see first-hand examples of reaching the unchurched and learn to apply patterns of community connection, journeying to Jesus, disciple-making, and leadership development to their own churches. Mission Alive believes that one of the best ways to renew old churches is by participation in church planting
CAMP OF THE HILLS - The primary mission of Camp of the Hills is to reveal the love of God and His creation to at-risk children. Many of the children come from family structures and cultures where unconditional love is not a given and with little or no influence of Christ-centered guidance in their lives. Camp offers this kind of love through interaction with our counselors, who are faithfully committed Christian university students. Camp helps these children develop relationship skills and self-esteem. The goal is to instill hope in Christ and help children make God-led lifelong decisions. Camp is also used for retreats by churches, university student ministries, marriage enrichment groups and parent-child camp-outs throughout the year.